Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Police Like Holmes by Dan Andriacco

Sam Spade meets Sherlock Holmes.  Philip Marlowe meets Dr. Watson.  How much murder and mayhem can one expect at a sedate (ahem) conference of Sherlock aficionados at a college symposium?  A lot.

No Police Like Holmes is Dan Andriacco’s second book for MX Publishing.  His first was a small but pithy compilation of writing and scripts on all things Sherlockian, Baker Street Beat. This novel takes place at a Midwestern university.  A collection of Holmes manuscripts are being donated and some valuable pieces go missing.   And a body is discovered.  All good fun.

The hero, Jeff Cody, is part Woody Allen, part Humphrey Bogart.  He drinks Diet Coke but is not adverse to lusting after his ex-flame Lynda Teal (rhymes with Emma….. another great sexy heroine).  Other colorful characters are a gorgeous vamp married to an old rich man who collects Sherlockiana artifacts and books.  And Cody’s brother-in-law, a Nero Wolfe style armchair sleuth, is the catalyst that keeps the sleuthing and the plot going strong.

Will Jeff discover who stole the priceless manuscripts?  Will Jeff and Lynda find the murderer before the blighter gets them? Will the conference of the assembled Holmes fans continue without further disaster?

And most importantly, will Jeff get Lynda back into the sack?

No Police like Holmes is a fun, literary read.  In the hands of Andriacco, the above statement in not an oxymoron.   Get this book, dive into a comfy chair, pour yourself a couple of fingers of scotch and enjoy this, sweetheart.