Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Study in Pink and Eliminate the Impossible

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A Study in Pink and Eliminate the Impossible by Alistair Duncan

 I just reread a A Study in Scarlet this week and watched again A Study in Pink, the newest Sherlock offering from the BBC.  I recommend both to everyone.  Read the story and then watch the show.  There are some subtle and not so subtle hints, nods and absolute spot-on characterizations.  Watson is really defined here, a scarred but game figure, who likes the ladies and admires Sherlock immensely and not without exasperation.  Sherlock is as always, eccentric, brilliant and capable of great charm when moved out of his bouts of lethargy or energy.  I’ve watched it 20 times already.

After reading Eliminate the Impossible by Alistair Duncan I move that every university immediately creates a Sherlock Holmes course and curriculum and I nominate Mr. Duncan to be the head professor.  He can then train all us willing to spread the Sherlock canon by using this very well written book for the class text.  Major characters are defined, a timeline of works is listed and then every story is reviewed and outlined in several well written pages.
If you have never read the stories, then use this book for reference as you read.  If like me you are attempting to re-read the entire canon in chronological order, then this is indispensible.  Then Duncan reviews all the stage and film Sherlocks up until 2008. 

This is a great reference tool and immensely manageable both in scope and size. 

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  1. I must admit, I was skeptical about the new Holmes adaptation, but like you, I find it to be better than I expected. It's definitely a cool update to the Holmes stories. You're inspiring me to re-read the Conan canon.