Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes

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Unsolved cases and lost stories of Sherlock Holmes- what better method than to extend the mystique and the presence of the denizens of 221b Baker Street?  In 1954 Adrian Conan Doyle writing with John Dickson Carr created The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes a collection of adventures based on unsolved cases.  Adrian Conan Doyle, the youngest son of Sir Arthur, wrote these stories at the same desk his father used.  Definitely the spirit of Sherlock pervades these tales.

Published in 2010, The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes are cases that were never made public by Dr. Watson.  The stories were discovered by Tony Reynolds upon the death of his grandmother, Emma Mary Reynolds, (née Watson).  Mr. Reynolds has edited these tales and for our reading pleasure has published them into an eight story collection.  Of singular merit are the stories The Adventure of the Medium and The Adventure of the Gypsy Girl.  Naturalists will especially enjoy The Giant Rat of Sumatra.  Let us hope that Mr. Reynolds finds more locked deed boxes among his relative’s effects that belonged to Dr. John Watson.

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