Monday, March 21, 2011

Libraries as places of murder and mayhem?

Libraries make a great place for murder and mayhem.   Is it the perpetual silence that motivates mischief?  Do the books emit the spirits and personalities of their characters?  Possibly.  If you stand next to a copy of A Study in Scarlet will you begin to warble beautifully like Irene Adler?  If you stand next to The Hound of the Baskervilles will you start to change into a snarling, vengeance seeking hound?

Agatha Christie placed a corpse in The Body in the Library.  Lord Peter Wimsey investigated a ransacked library in Gaudy Night.  Sherlock Holmes is a great student and researcher.  His musings and studies are goal directed and are intended to increase his knowledge about a particular subject.  Books and papers litter 221B.  His personal filing system defies a librarian’s neat sense of order but it works for him.

A library is a living, breathing organism of knowledge and capable of inspiring and motivating passion, evil and even death.

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